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custom shoe kit for sale_custom shoe lace for sale

I haven't worn earrings for years because I have a metal allergy and can't even use surgical steel earrings, but I didn't want to pay a lot for14k gold. These are a nice simple style to wear daily and the price was right. I've worn these for 5 days and I haven't had any bad reactions, so they're 14k for sure. They're also larger than I thought they'd be, and the backs don't screw in very far. I think they'd be kind of big for a small kid or baby. They'd be fine on a big kid or adult. They're so pretty, and very flat which is what I was wanting. They're perfect, I'm really happy with my purchase.
The shirt fits like a medium but the sleeves are longer than a other medium long sleeve shirts.
I love these socks! I've been mostly homebound due too MS and unable to drive for 10 years. I rarely wear shoes and first tried ordering a less expensive brand but they were too tight for me to get them on so, I returned them. These are much better quality, very soft and comfy!
No stars. For as much money as they are the only give 1psir of underwear. Not a pack
Fit, size, softness and quality are all great. I would have given 5 stars but the colors are much more like a faded solid color, not heathery at all. For example, what looks like a natural color in the photo is really just beige. I hate beige.
Broke after three weeks. Snapped off at the strap like all the other people stated in the other reviews. I was Hoping that it wouldn’t happen to me but it did. I wouldnt Spend my money on it.
I was very impressed with this item. I am very pleased with my purchase.
I have difficulty getting the size right. This belt came unassembled so that you could make it the size you want. I could be considered it inconvenient but I thought of it as a chance to customize and am so happy to have a perfectly fitting belt it is my new favorites. It also allows me to adjust it later if I need too.
They are nice quality but large feels smaller than a medium.
Good quality.
Sleeves were the right length for me.
They are rather comfortable.
Light weight but cool look
Very cute bag. The bag is on the smaller size so if you are looking for something small and lightweight. This is it Worth your money
Several reviewers were not happy with the size, but I read about it and knew they would be small. They purple isn't that easy to see, but my daughter still loved them and was excited about unicorn earrings. She didn't see the listing before she got them, so wasn't expecting anything. I love the backs on these earrings and how they stay put on little kids ears. We have several with this style and have maybe lost one in the past 3 years.
Needs a key chain holder attatched
These are the best boxer shorts I have worn in the past 20 years. The material is comfortable without being too thin, and you can wear them easily with jeans, slacks, khakis, etc. Also, they are so elegant-- I can't believe this is Hanes. I get catalogs from England and they sell almost the same boxers for around $20 a pair. You will love the gorgeous colors.

I just have one piece of advice: order a size higher to ensure maximum comfort. E.g., I wear a medium but ordered a large. Just my experience.

I can't tell you how much money I have blown on bad boxers over the years. Finally I have found the best.
Great Protection from Sun! Very lightweight!
I ordered a size up and it's actually a little loose so they are true to size unlike many other brands. It's super nice quality!
Excellent quality! Great price
Two of these were broken when they arrived. First time wearing two more broke. Sent back and bought a different brand.
The ring was as per seller advertised
It was beautiful but I had to return it. It was too small.
Wish the lettering was a little deeper than a surface view. Other than that exactly as expected
Tore fast
Fingerprint like imprint on inner left upper lens. I doubt Ray Ban would let this slide through quality control. Suspect not real Ray Bans.
The product is great . I literally can’t stop wearing it at work . Thank you so much !!!
This is the best fitting golf shirt in my closet !
Bought as a gift for my son and he loved it!
the wallet is too driver license cannot put in it.
I manage to get everything I need to carry in this: driver's license, health insurance, credit cards -- a total of nine cards -- plus some folding cash. It was a bit tight at first, but it's stretched with use. Two cards fit in each outside pocket, and five in the inner space that has a helper tab to lift them out. The stitching seems very good. I've been using it for a little over a month.
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