Black and White Abstract Textured Print White High Top Canvas Shoes|design your own canvas shoes_design your own fila shoes

design your own canvas shoes_design your own fila shoes

The fabric is really really thin. If you're fit, that's great. But if you have a few extra pounds, this will accentuate those.
This Backpack purse is just the right size. It will hold everything I need including my iPad. The colors are very vibrant and will go well with a black blazer or a denim jacket. I got this on a lightning deal and I am very pleased
This is a beautiful wallet of high quality. It holds everything, from multiple credit cards to licenses and check register, as well as bills and change. The tricky part is memorizing where you've put every item.
It was ok
Uncomfortable and sizing is inaccurate
Arrived on time and no scratches on the lens and frame. Looks good and just as described.
My hubby loves them!!
Great :)
I returned only because I personally prefer a softer leather with more of a matte finish. (cow hide)...received fast. if you like a purse that is 'shopping perfect"' this will easily hold your money's cards' phone and glasses...
Super comfy and breathable. The inside lining runs very large, but that doesn't bother me at all, because I wear trunks under the shorts and cut out the lining. These are great for workouts, and are quick dry. I'm picky about things like these, so I will also add that I really appreciate the tie string on the shorts having little plastic knobs at the end so the tie won't slip into the shorts. Little details like that make all the difference! Would def recommend these! Also, I am a bigger person and these fit like a glove, which is a rare find for me!
This is beautiful and looks great with my diamond and gemstone rings.
Muy mal talvez es talla 40 o 50
Best fit, pocket for phone, great price and super fast shipping.
Very bulky, the insert that holds cards is made of hard plastic and will never form a nice bond between you and your body. Awkward and uncomfortable for pocket use.
My daughter likes it so much, just wearing it every day on her wrist !!
I expected more about the size, its a bit small to be medium,
These have the build of a much more expensive pair of sunglasses, and it comes with accessories! It comes with a hard case, a soft case, a bag, and some cloths for cleaning. The polarization on the glasses is incredible.
Levi’s makes nice jeans
My wife is colder than most humans. Her optimal indoor operating environment needs to be between 80-83 degrees. With that being said-there is a constant thermostat war in the house. I like it to be set on 68-70...because I’m not a psycho. She secretly raises it to 78-80 with hopes of me not noticing. I always notice...good dads always notice.

I bought her this as a gift and as a truce to the thermostat war. For the first time in her life, she is comfortable with thermostat setting in the house if she’s wearing this.

All jokes aside...great buy. She puts it on as soon as she gets home. We are already talking about buying more as gifts for her family.
Just received these belts in the mail today. First impression is that they look very nice and the design on the belt give a nice affect. My wife (who has an eye for fashion / design) commented on how good they look. The belts are easy to use and seem to work well so far. The size / width of the belt also seem perfect for my hiking pants as opposed to a different brand belt I own, which can be difficult to get thru some pants that I own. So far, it seems like an attractive looking, comfortable and easy to adjust belt. Plus the price was very good, so I'm giving it 2 thumbs up.
Real glass.
I have been wearing Levi's for around 40 years now and I think it's time for a change. Once upon a pair of Levi's would last 3 to four years, the last two pair I got ripped open before the color even started to fade. Sent a message to Levi's and they wanted me to ship the pants back (at my expense) and they would determine if it was a manufacturing flaw and if it qualified for a refund. The Levi's in the attached picture was bought in either may or august of 2019 and only lasted about 6 to 9 months..
Great quality
I love the way this looks and it slim enough to not leave a big wallet bump in your skinny jeans
Exactly what I was hoping it would be! Low profile, so when it's ALL THE WAY on, it's still not running into my ears or pushing down on the ear-pieces of my glasses. Seems durable enough to last for years, and there are good color options. Very happy with it! :)
Simple, high quality black belt. No unnecessary branding or bells and whistles.
Not as dense or full as expected. Returned in exchange for the more expensive Burlington brand.
I enjoy wearing Wrangler long sleeve shirts. Great for solid color wearing females. Wish Wrangler short sleeve shirts didn’t have too small sleeves.
Ok color looks dirty
This purse and wallet is amazing! The way it changes colors is so cool and I love the colors in the natural sunlight! I highly recommend it!
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