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custom made shoes with pictures_custom made shoes winnipeg

I have to wear a hat and tuck in this mask to keep the mask up. It does a good job when it stays up. When it won't stay up, it keeps my neck warm. I think it was probably a better idea to buy a full head mask instead.
My husband loves these. On the boat or on the road. And he looks handsome!
Simply the best Eyeglass holders I've ever bought. Bifocals do not work for me, I need distance and reading glasses when not wearing my contacts. This holder does not slip off and feels comfortable around my neck. Great value because I also have an extra holder for the readers I need to wear with my contacts. The different colors makes it fast and easy to pick up the correct glasses. Very satisfied with my purchase.
I love it! Tons of usable pockets! Exactly what I wanted!
Great sunglasses for a great price
I have been using this purse cross-body style, for several months now. It is not a "huge" bag but still holds a lot. I like the zippered pockets on the front. The only problem I had was with the metal emblem plate, it got caught on everything so I removed it. For Christmas, I stitched a little felt snowman to it to cover the holes.
I have not had any trouble with the zippers or strap (the strap length is so easy to adjust, I love it!). The small pockets on the sides, with the elastic, are not good for much. A can of soda will not fit nor will a water bottle. I put business cards, appointment reminders and receipts in them (being careful not to turn the purse upside down, of course).
Overall, it's a great cross-body bag. It has held up to me tossing it around, in and out of the car and just about everywhere else.
I wanted a cheap, packable Panama style hat to take on vacation. This can be rolled to pack into a suitcase and then formed back into shape when you need it. This isn’t a fine Panama hat but was certainly good enough for my needs.
I like the hat very much. Good value and order to delivery was fast, easy and efficient. Thank you very much!
Great socks
This has the simple format as my old wallet. That was a Fossil wallet as well. For anyone looking for a wallet, I would recommend this design.
So beautiful, and the perfect size, then the beads/thread started coming undone in the front after a week of careful use.
I wore this down to the skate park and smoked so many cigarettes. No one threw me out. Coincidence?
This product was not a good deal. The card slots are very tight and I doubt if I'd put my ID in all the way, that I would have gotten it back out. The part for cash was awkward and scrapes your knuckles. I returned it.
2nd re-order. Amazing product with great price.
Perfect for a different ray of outfits
A gift.
Exactly what I wanted -- super comfortable
Nice colors. No shape.
I have a large head, these are perfect.
These earrings came broken, with a stone missing on day of delivery! I was very disappointed. Not worth it to send back. I would like a replacement if possible. They would have been cute if the quality control was present and the stones were intact.
good find
I have very very sensitive skin. I cant wear sterling silver of any kind without getting welts and swelling, or my skin turning green. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for earrings. I was skeptical at first with the price, but so excited when i found CZ with solid white gold. I cant even tell these are in my ears! They're so light weight and NOT BOTHERING my ears in the least!! Really impressed!
Love this purse/wallet. I usually carry big purses but this is just perfect for when I want to only carry a few things while out shopping and running errands!
I love this product, as it goes right on easily, and is a great quality. The size is perfect and I got just what I wanted out of the picture shown.
Lovely color and quality. Hope that it will outlive my last LAND wallet (8years and counting).
They are kind of tight at the back of my head and i have a pretty normal size head. I also bought the oakley twofaces and they are way better.
Absolutley love this bag...its roomy, has plenty of pockets. It does have a funny smell. I thought it would dissipate after a week or so but I've had it about a month, using it every day and it still smells weird. It might be the material. I still love it!
Beware, this is item is not returnable! First piece of clothing that I bought on Amazon that was unreturnable! I wrote to the Amazon team and they issued me a refund, but the Champion brand is definitely not up to standard.
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