Red Honeycomb Marble Men's Bomber Jacket|custom t-shirt design_custom tee shirts design your own

custom t-shirt design_custom tee shirts design your own

worked as advertised
Amazing,,,, really i live it
I bought these to replace the Croakies straps I used on my sport sunglasses. They fit on my Oakley and Smith sunglasses, both too expensive to lose and both used in mountaineering adventures where they could be lost. Because these retainers do not have a tail there is nothing bobbing up and down on the back of my neck on trail runs or being scrunched up under the straps of my biking helmet. Easy to adjust, snug fit on the sunglasses frame and no tail; I wish I had found these years ago.
The color is more of an off white. I like the size of the bag and the inside pockets. The canvas is heavy duty.
Amazing, I've been looking for these for years! About 4" longer than the comparable Hanes undershirt, my life is honestly better now!
Love it: color, size, storage, price.

I would love to buy one of these for all my friends.
These toe socks conform to my size 10-1/2 (EU44) foot very well. I have fairly long toes and the toe pockets wrap each toe completely and snugly with no excess even on the little toe. The seam at the front of each toe is very well executed and unnoticeable even when wearing normal shoes. There are no issues wearing flip flops, sandals, or even Vibram Five Finger shoes. They feel great and I can recommend them without reservation.
Very nice wallet- fits all my junk which is a huge factor for me
Bonus is the safety factor
I was going from a clasp metal wallet to this since the clasp busted. I was not able to fit cash into the metal wallet because of the design. All though this is called a minimalist wallet it is able to fit three chipped cards, a few membership cards, two id cards a couple laminated papers and cash all while staying slim. Granted being new makes it a little of a hassle to get some of the cards out, but that will wear in. Good wallet for those that do not need to carry a lot of cash, cards, stamp/point cards, receipts, random papers/notes.
great hoodie! nice and thick, great quality
Loved the bracelet but very fragile
Love it!
Great product. Not as light in color as shown.
The sizing was perfect. And the heavy duty quality of the shirts were better than expected. I can not imagine anyone not being pleased with th4 quality. Very satisfied.
Pretty and different. Good packaging.
Very cute on my daughter, well made and nice material. I will purchase this brand again for her.
She loves them!
Not being able to find my size in stores, I ordered this pair from Amazon. I have to wash new clothes before I wear them as I am allergic to something in the material when it is new. After washing and dryer drying, they fit perfect.
The pants are comfortable, but the quality is kind of lackluster. Had a large hole in the right pocket, easy to fix but still annoying.
Its a belt. It will hold up my pants, and it looks great.
Very satisfied! Great quality!
Great socks!
These socks are very comfortable and cheap. I compared them to brand new Adidas and Underarmour socks I also got for Christmas and I genuinely believe these are way better.
They are for my son in law. I'm sure he will like them when he opens up the box at Christmas.
The picture of the earrings do not look completely like the actual earrings. The picture shows colorful stones. Mine are dark and tiny. The picture is much nicer than the actual earring. Not sure if I am going to gift them anymore.
Handbag was to small. Didn't know it would have been so small
Love the material, bought in my size and they are a little too tight, legs ride up too much.
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