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designer shoe warehouse application_designer shoe warehouse ancaster

The little handbooks are in broken English but the product comes in a pleather carrying case packed inside of a sturdy box with a high quality micro fiber cloth and a very nice bag to sling the carrying case in. The lenses and general construction were on par with high end boutique sunglasses. Incredibly polarized with a somewhat green tint. I'm probably going to buy more. Great design doesn't feel cheap.
These shirts are a steal at $15, well made and fit perfectly. I'll buy more.
This is a great hat I used it at the River and it got wet the water dripped right off . It was great in the heat and absorbed all my sweat .
Well made and stylish hat protects from the sun and helps keep me cool in the summer.
They work well as blue light glasses, and they're very cute but they broke after not even three weeks of wear :(
For the price, not bad.
The stitching and fabric is sturdy and comfortable. But the whole hat seemed off or lopsided.
My husbands LOVES these tee shirts. Thick material is soft and has a generous cut.
Bought this for my daughter. She loves it and wears is everyday.
True to size and length, good fit.
the socks were good quality
I also don't like the feel of the material. I bought these and the Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs at the same time. The TH briefs are softer and so far have not ripped.
It is a million times better than any can describe! It truly lives up to the hype. If you are considering, I am here to say this is a must buy. Life changing product!
I absolutely love this necklace. I wear it all the time. Loved it so much i ordered one for my boss. She loves it as well! Great purchase!!
I got these briefs to wear at the gym. They help me stay dry during/after work out. The material is comfortable and so far (1 wash) the color still looks very vibrant.
Great - I searched for quite a while trying to find a replacement wallet and this one fits the bill perfectly. Perfect size, well made, good color, good brand... I like my wallets small with minimal storage. Has only three credit card slots and a spot for your ID. If you are like George Constanza on Seinfeld, continue looking.
He never wears long sleeve shirts - he loves these and actually got compliments! I ordered more....
The sunglasses are great for taking to the beach or going on vacation without being scared of losing them. I got them due to them looking similar to Raybans, but they were way bigger than what I expected. The glasses kept drooping down my face and had a strong plastic smell the first couple days I had them on. I have them in my glove compartment now incase I lose my primary sunglasses.
I run often and I had always worn cotton underwear in the same style as these. The cotton underwear would always roll up into a hot dog shape in between my legs and engorge with sweat. Not ideal at all, I was telling my gf this and the next day she bought me these. They are amazing, I never notice any sweat, they never bunch up, and it's almost impossible to get a wedgie. They also support the boys nicely so they aren't bouncing around and completely reduced friction.
This shirt was awesome !!!!!!
Beautiful colors, true to size. Very comfortable and warm for the winter nites.
Very lightweight. Holds money very securely! Would buy again!
Wrist band broke same day I received it and used it not durable
Can't get them on my size 15 feet!
I wanted something modest but cute for my 3 daugthers. These are perfect.I ordered a size down. For example, my 13 year old got a size 12. My 11 year old got a size 10, and my 8 year old got a size 7. They fit perfectly. I mean perfect. They are thick too. Good quality. I'd love to order them another set in different prints.
My husband loved them and I didn't even have to leave the house to shop!
Fits nicely and is a good weight.
Well, I honestly expected this product not to fit me very well, but actually it came better than I expected. These sweatpants are not as thick (which is good), they're warm, and they're slim which is exactly what I wanted. Overall I am very satisfied.
I love how these feel and look! They come with a nice case and lens wipe. They don't press down on my nose or the sides of my head. Super comfortable!
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