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custom af1 reddit_custom af1 red

Good value . Nice looking wallet , seems to be durable and will last awhile.
It is a little to put together, but once done, it works great. I have arthritis in my hands and only have one eye and I was able to get it to get it together
I bought this for my husband and it's perfect! Sizing was easy to adjust and a quality product.
I bought this as a gift and I picked this wallet because of all the card slots, so it will fold into a slim dimension and fit my fiance's back pocket without all the bulk.
This really doesn't do anything to keep you warm. Your breathing creates condensation, which freezes and makes you colder. Also, if you wear glasses, they will fog.
After years of buying different boxer briefs I can finally settle on a product that meets all my needs. They feel really nice. I like the quality and material. Will definitely add more to my collection.
Love it!
Very nice, simple, light necklace.
I like it a lot. I recommend it. Thanks,
Only pants I buy wish I could get a 34 length in my size. Just slightly short for me when motorcycling
Recently bought 2 pair of these on Amazon. I like the fit and feel, but the quality of construction is poor. On both pair, after only a couple of washings, the stitching in the waistband started to unravel. I cut the loose threads and used fabric glue on those spots to keep them from unraveling further. But the fact that this happened on two different pair indicates either poor quality control, or the just make them with no concern for solid stitching.
I am 5'2, 145 with a big butt but not thick legs and the small fits everywhere but the legs and it smashes my butt. the tops fit though and it baggy, a medium would have been huge. Overall its good quality and the length of pants is good but the waist does cover my belly button and is very fitting and hard to get over my butt. a medium pant would have worked but the top would have been big. If you don't have a shape at my weight than the small would fit but if you have a butt then go with the medium.
Really high quality and comfortable
Bought this purse awhile ago. It’s still in great condition. I would buy this purse again.
My son loves his new wallet!
Love this earrings! Very lightweight!
It's time to downsize. And improve back health.
Exactly as pictured. Comes in cute gifting package with two different earrings backs.
They are much taller than what I am used to wearing. If I pull them all the way up it's almost up to my knee, and if I don't, there is too much bunched up material around my ankle. Also the material breaks down and pills up inside, a lot! They are soft and feel thick at first, but the pilling turns the inside rough after a while. Would not buy again.
Thanks for a very lovely ankle bracelet I am pleased with it, its just what I wanted.
Good quality hats for a good price
Great heft, great value
Feels ok nice to throw on and do errands
I was looking for a more affordable version of the nearly 30 dollar hats out there for runners and tried this one. The good; it fits my massive noggin, snug but it fits and it doesn't make me want to take it off constantly. The disappointing; my more expensive hats don't let sweat into my eyes until after 6 miles, this one routinely gets saturated and lets sweat into my eyes at around 4.5 miles.
Comfortable shorts at a great price. Good quality.
Great quality wallet
Perfect and breathes
Llego a tiempo y buenas los lentes
it's bigger then i actually thought it would be! it's super spacious!
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