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make custom adidas_my adidas custom

I use this backpack everyday for work! Love it, it's big enough but not to big and I have had so many complements on it!
It’s super cute, but I had to return it only because the shade of red was a little lighter than my shoes
Just what I needed to be outside during the cold winter!
Pants ok
Material feel is rought, bought two different color, composition is the same 35% cottons 65% polyester , the black one feel much different, not as comfy as the Navy one. Also the black one has the red Dickies logo sewn in the rear, does not really go well with black. Will try to remove
Almost no one has commented on the poor quality of the fabric. The shirt starts to pill after a few washings, the hems curl up after being in the dryer, and the cheap cotton attracts lint. On a positive note I don't care if I get paint or bleach on them.
I absolutely love this bag! It is the perfect size! And I love the gray, it goes well with everything!
We ordered the Earth Tones but I must say that the colors are much lighter than anticipated. Other than that, the shirts are soft and fit my hubby as expected.
Its great! I find it runs a size small. Will order again.
Quality seems nice to me.
Cute but not of lasting quality!
I will purchase again
One word Wow !!
Very comfy and the legs don't ride up. Highly recommend.
these are great earrings! very light weight
Excellent wallet! Very well built, smart design, quality materials, soft leather, and works very well.
The wallet arrives in a nice box and in an enclosed cloth bag. Another sign of quality.. and it would make a great gift too.
No issues, and it's proven very durable.
loved this hat so much I purchased a second one after a few months. The feel is great, keeps sweat out of my eyes and I like the black on black logo, I don’t like flashy logos and this is perfect.
Le quedo perfecta
Thin and light weight. Great in the heat. I don’t find them thick enough to wear on their own, but they are perfect for under dresses and skirts.
I’ve been wearing Gold Toe socks for a long time. Great quality, I really like the cotton so my feet can breathe. I will likely continue to buy even though their socks are manufactured over seas. Though I highly suggest Gold Toe socks look at bringing manufacturing back to USA!
Good item, well worth up to 25$
It was just what my Daughter wanted. She wears it all the time.
I really like the fit and look of these pants, but the stitching is terrible. The back pocket ripped off so easily it was hard to believe. Then the crotch started to rip little at first then it blew out today while i was training. Workout pants should have a reinforced diamond crotch as standard, however, very few designers put these important features into their workout pants. I will never buy anything from Brokig again. This is the second pair of theirs (different pants) that has blown out in the crotch. I am a circus person and our legs are open wide most of the time so having your crotch blow out, while hilarious at times, is not really all that welcome.
I'll see if they actually help with sun when driving but will feel ridiculous wearing them, they are huge..more like men's glasses
Perfect for mid length work boots. Cushioned and durable!
These are the perfect size for my 5 year old. She doesn't want to get her ears pierced yet so this was her choice of earrings. She is still getting used to wearing them for long periods of time. Would buy again!
These are very comfortable and I would always recommend them for anyone!
I am loving being able to see all my cards at once ! This is a great wallet! Not high end quality, but seems durable.
He's clear.
Perfect wallet for my college age son. He loves it! Stylish, simple, and practical.
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