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are nike custom shoes returnable_custom nike wrestling gear

Seemed nice / got them yesterday and haven’t worn yet
These fit perfect and easy to order. Received ontime.

I have been wearing compression socks for over 3 years so these are not my first. It was time to get some new ones and these looked like good ones to try. First time I wore them I was on fence if I liked them or not. Now I have come to the conclusion I really don't like them. They don't fit well. They bunch up/wrinkle right at the top part of my foot/bend and rubs against the opening of my shoe on top. Uncomfortable. And working 10 hour days it makes for a long day feeling longer. I have pretty typically normal feet and have never owned socks that bunched up like this.
nice hat good quality Paid amazon extra to get here on a Friday, didn't receive it until the following Monday.
Best price I've ever seen. I ended up buying 5 packs!
Perfect packable tote for travel and the price is great!!
I loved my bags I have a few in different colors. But I don't think the strap is a characteristic of "GENUINE LEATHER".. Disappointed.
Have hats of the same make at the same size (L), this one is way smaller than those.. i had to give it to a kid!! Very dissapointed
Holds well. Great for before and after lunch adjustments. Use this everyday. Subtle and professional
I really like this wallet. The size allows it to easily fit into my cross body handbag. It’s one of the few that provides a place for bills and change and plenty of pockets for credit cards.
Solid Quality and well constructed
So, I bought these socks thinking that they would let my feet breath and stay cooler than cotton. NOPE. Freaking terrible. They're twice as hot as cotton. I'm actually sitting on the couch right now with sweaty feet. I decided to just wear them doing anything BUT running/hiking, because cotton are actually cooler and more breathable than these. Figured I might as well get some sort of use out of them because I'm NEVER wearing them running again.
I bought them for support when I was riding my bike but I've been wearing them as regular underwear. It feels a bit weird coming from boxer briefs but it's hot were I live. These have great support while keeping a layer of fabric between places I want a layer of fabric...The first review for them said something like "why didn't I buy these sooner". That guy was dead right...why didn't I buy these sooner.

Cons (none of these stopped me from giving it 5 stars): I don't like that the cup has a bit of a seam in it and that where the elastic straps attach to the waistband it is not smooth. I wear them inside out because of that. I wish the cup part had a bit more room. Finally, a number of reviews say something about looking sexy; my wife does not agree; she thinks they look dumb.
Beutiful bracelet, I have wore it a few times and it is great quality as someone with sensitive skin a lot of jewelry will break me out but it does not
This suit is very nice. Pockets would be helpful
Good material and fits comfortably. Will recommend it to anyone and buy again
It’s a pretty little ring. I got it to fidget with and I was thinking I might have to change it for a different size to fit on a different finger but it seems to run a little bit big so it’s perfect. I just opened it so I will update if my first impressions change.
I ordered a 5 pack about 3 years ago in XXL size.
First, I do NOT like buying with a "luck of the draw" concept where I can't choose the colors I want.
I didn't review the boxers then, but now that I am shopping for another pack of knit boxers I wanted to write my experience.

First, I got lucky with the colors, nothing way out. Still, how freaking hard is it to not allow the customer to pick the color options available?

Hanes also makes knit boxers in my size and I can pick what colors I prefer.
I have had FOTL knit boxers for many years, and that's why I ordered my last pack 3 years ago.
Those have lasted a good long time retaining their color and waste band.
Compared to my Hanes knit boxers FOTL have lost their way.

The material uses between the two companies is comparable.
Both offer the "fabric waste band" and that why I prefer.
The problem with the FOTL is that the waste band lost its elasticity within 6 months of wear and washing.

I wash my daily clothes on a delicate or light setting on my washing machine, as I wear new underwear everyday and they are not soiled so they don't need to be washed on a rougher washer setting.
Doing this extends the life of my clothes.
Even with gentle washing the waste bands gave up their elasticity.
This is the first time I've ever had underwear do this.

If FOTL want me back as a customer, then start letting customers pick the color packs that they want, and STOP this ridiculous "colors vary" nonsense where we pay and whoever sends us whatever they have.
I get the feeling that FOTL is doing this because they need to get ride of their B stock lower quality boxers that didn't quite pass A stock inspection.
Fix that and fix the waste band and I'll try FOTL knit boxers again.

I see the reviews and the great majority seem happy with the boxers they received.
When I first received my FOTL knit boxers I too was happy, until a few months of use.
The one positive is that the material has held up to use and washing, so no problems there.
It doesn't hide my stomach too much but I does help out enough and it's great to use for work out
Love that it already has the worn out look. Bought in 4 colors. Wear them to the gym every day.
Bought for my husband, he really likes the slim design. Can't speak to durability yet but appears well made and designed well.
Nice looking ties. I wish they were a half-inch wider at the bottom. These are not skinny ties, but maybe a half-inch narrower than a normal tie. Still, they look great and will do the job.
Haven't used much yet , I hope they work.
I love this shirt
A great purchase!
Great socks. My feet feel great after wearing all day in boots.
Comfortable boxers. Good fit, no tag to be annoying. Second set of them that I have bought, first ones have lasted quite a while. What else can I say, they're boxers...
Great quality and very novel with the fold up feature. Compact design and great case to keep them safe and sound.
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