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These are acceptable. I wouldn't say great but right price to wear around the house. Probably short life
I have worn Levi’s since the 60s. Don’t buy these if you do and keep them you’re an Idiot. You could save yourself sometime and go to Walmart and buy wranglers. No kidding like one reviewer wrote the seams on these are even wrong like they are seconds.
Fit exactly as I thought they would
Fit my 16 year old son perfect.
Fit good
I really like this bag. Lots of zippered pockets and the materials are much nicer than I expected for the price. I use it every day, roomy & easy to keep neat & clean.
Comfy and cool.
Love these socks - the'y're awesome when in use with the Vibram finger-toes!
Very well made plenty of pockets,good buy
Great socks. Bought them before and they last ages!
Such amazing pants. They fit nice and are comfy. I am defiantly buying more.
Made poorly and cheap. Bought for my 2nd grader and it is to babyish. Used for one month and has a hole in it.
First a word of warning- the colors can REALLY vary from the examples posted (I got a pair of red and another of bright teal). However, since they warned us of this, I did not let it affect my rating of the product.

While these underpants are very comfortable, they have one major problem- the crotch width and/or the leg length is too small. What do I mean by this? If you sit down while just wearing the underpants, your junk will probably find a way to wiggle it's way out. This is also true when you lie down. I should be able to lounge in my underpants with my balls properly protected, gawd dammit!
Fits great, keeps the sweat out of my eyes (and I sweat A LOT), dries quickly!
Great sunglasses and pouch included
Love these! Will make a great gift. Great quality.
Super cute and great price. Not too big or too small
Hubby loves them, long haul truck drivers
love this hat!!!
Delivered fast and fits well. Doesn’t make me look “punk kiddish” nor does it fit weird where you feel like a flood victim wearing a hat from the salvation arm. Not there’s anything wrong with that.
Great wallet and has enough slots for all my cards
I work in construct and love these socks. It nighr be a good idea to wash them a few times before wearing them.
For cooler weather these are great. His black ones are fading since he wears them so much. Might want to get them in gray if that's an option. He's a big guy, 6'2", 200+ lbs, but large fit him perfectly.
Third pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and don't plan to change brands.
Good wallet at a good price.
You get what you pay for I guess; I have not had to shop for myself in a long time, I blew it this time. Lesson learned.
I love it
They are very light weight, allow the legs to move freely, and they have a full inner lining that provides just enough support & privacy so no appendages are directly visible even on a flat-out sprint.

Washing tip: Just get in the shower with them on after a run, rinse them out with a little soap or shampoo, lightly wring & hang to dry.

I'll update this review in a year to report on long-term durability.
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