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Maybe the bubble is good after all.

At this point we all know the NBA’s bubble at Disney World has some issues, but it’s also giving us amazing stuff like Luka Doncic and Boban Marjanović trying to recreate a “you’re watching the Disney Channel” intro.

The intro is cute, but the outtakes are where this at. Watching Boban desperately trying (and failing) to draw Mickey on screen is lovely, and when he finally nails it the desperate, pleading voice of Luka off camera yelling “FIX YOUR FACE!” is perfect, acknowledging that Boban might scare children unless he smiles.

Despite all the failings the pair’s attempt was still better than Kyle Lowry trying to draw a self portrait a few years back.

A lot of room for larger items - a good bag for the mom on the go.
Loved this wallet for the simplicity, but I quickly outgrew it. Perfect for the average minimalist.
Black spots on the bag
Well made and stylish
excellent article, very practical, very fast modern yy. From all points of view is excellent I recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing it
Only got 2 of three items pictured in description the third shirt was completely different...cute not what I ordered wanted the stripes
The polarized sunglasses work great. They fit nicely over my glasses and really help reduce the light coming through the side window. I'm very pleased so far, only minor issue is that they are almost too large to fit into the sunglass holder built in above my car's rear view mirror.
This thing fell apart all quick! The inside ripped so I kept losing stuff between the purse lining and the actual purse, the inside zipper broke... at some point I wound up just ripping the liner out but now its ugly. Its cute but very cheaply made.
They were not relaxed fit as advertised
Took on Alaska cruise trip. Worked as neck warmer or full face mask.
It's so soft. I love this bag.
My husband loves these shirts. Dresser than his old flannels but not like church outfit dressed up! He works in these all the time and they are comfortable and soft.
It came early great look
I love these socks. They're soft, thick, the colors are bright, and they don't collect moisture.

One thing though, the 'mens' version of these is superior to the 'womens' version (thicker and cheaper). Its just some annoying, biased, gender marketing going on.
After my daughter only wore the earrings for 1 day some of the stones were falling out. I was very excited about these and then very disappointed that they didnt hold up.
I've owned Nautica robes before, so I knew that I would have to order a L/X-Large to fit me. (I wear a 40R jacket if this helps)

I like the material used in this particular robe. The "Anthracite" herringbone is very delicate and is a beautiful color.

As long as you compensate for the misleading size tag, it's a great product.
Love my new sunglasses. They fit perfectly, and have protection from the sun and glare. They are comfortable, easy to take on and off and overall just great. Highly recommend.
great wallet and the rfid a definite plus!
Love that they stay tucked and sleeves are short enough to no stick out below my polos.
pretty good. I switched from a wallet to this one
Good fitting hat
being native American I love this shirt..
I got this for my daughter and she loves it. Its a nice quality
Great sunglasses, people just keep borrowing them without my permission or knowledge and then forgetting to give them back.
They are not as long as advertised.
The cross its self was larger then imagined but other wise awesome!
These are easily the worst socks I've ever bought. They are uncomfortable and they make for smelly feet.
Gift for 2 little girls. One was 11 and one was 6 and they both loved it . It is so soft. The 6 year old just lost her dad, so I wanted to give her something a little magical and comfortable! Perfect gift!
Warm and soft.