mom Cross-Body Bags|custom made shoes johor bahru_custom made shoes johannesburg

custom made shoes johor bahru_custom made shoes johannesburg

Little long in the legs but overall a good fit!
Bought these for my son, they seem easy to use and look great. Hopefully he gets many years out of them
very confortable
I loved this when I first got it. It’s perfect size for what I wanted. Problem was the bottom zipper broke after the first couple times using it. Really disappointed. Really wanted to love it.
The men's small fits my 5'4" 130 lb frame perfectly. I got three of the different color space-dyes because the material is warmer than the solid color sweatshirts. Great alternative if you can't find your desired color/pattern in the womens' size.
Husband loves these!
Looks exactly as the picture. Had read reviews regarding the smell of the bag and yes there is a bit of a strong smell upon opening but that’s from storage and it does dissipate with multiple wears. The leather is soft and the chain doesn’t look cheap. I was glad I purchased this and would definitely recommend.
Cheap! Rusty hinges and the lense fell out when I put them on.
A trip.
Good heavy weight fabric with a pocket. Pocket large enough to hold glasses.
Had to stretch waist. Black jeans do not kit the same as your Levi blue jeans.
Nice earrings
What a beautiful rich leather wallet! I love it. It has a slim profile and holds all my cards with room to spare.
Quality and color are what was expected but they were WAY too large. I have to fold several inches on one side to get the waistband to sit properly when worn under pants. I have other pairs of the same size that I’d bought in the store at another time that fit. I don’t know what the deal was.
Comfortable briefs
This little piece of cloth really does the trick! Great design and very warm, great price!
Super comfy and fits well! Can’t find anything nearly this nice in stores. Will definitely be buying more!
Longer for my longer torso, wash before wearing as they are rough
My mother in law loved it
Had some obvious and not so obvious defects. Biggest issue was with the coloring, which quickly gave way to a light amount of sweat and looked awful. Lasted a couple months of moderate wear before having to be retired.
I can never find pants that really snugly fit my waist, so I wasn’t expecting it. But they are super comfortable yet socially acceptable to wear out! Great price for solid joggers.
They came in a really cute box they look super expensive and I love that the back has a twisty lock feature these will be great for my daughter as she loses many pairs of the regular back earrings diesel make a great gift for baby shower or birthday
This was purchased as a gift for my son. He loves Carhartt jeans and says they fit well and last a long time. I don’t personally know anything about them other than comments he has made.
Why is each color a different length??? Frustrating. Some so long I sit on the edge. Others so short they pop out of my waistband. Otherwise, good quality.
I love the necklace but the chain is a little small
So I just received this beautiful Purse today , I bought it as a gift to my mom . She loves it as well !!!! She had been looking for a wicker looking purse and couldn’t find the size or width that she wanted. So I did order her the large round which was perfect , exactly what she had been looking for . We didn’t notice any smell with hers but we did notice a little bit of an orange sticky residue which I think is to be expected when purchasing something that’s hand made . My only concern is why it didn’t come in a box , it just came in a amazon bag . One side was pressed in , in the center . Otherwise it’s an absolutely beautiful purse !!!!!
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