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I like to have my collar look sharp and clean even when I'm not wearing a tie or a button-down shirt. These do the trick and don't ruin your shirt. They are worth the price. I wear them almost every day.
These are my go-to socks now! Love them!
These socks were to replace my worn out boot socks for work. I like the fit around the foot, and they are comfortable to wear. However, they do not stay pulled up. I do a lot of walking and they constantly fall down into my boots. Very annoying. The band at the top if the sicke needs to be tighter and wider, so they will stay pulled, up when walking.
was so excited to see this product but it is a huge let down
They socks are large and fit large feet which i have 2 of. The issue with the socks isn't size it is the lack of elastic to hold them up. Put on and before 2hr i had to remove and rotate and place back on correctly before they do it again. Tried several pairs (bought 3 packs wasted money) never made it past noon before i put the tight old socks back on.

This makes me sad gold toe please improve your socks and show me there can be socks that fit huge feet and can stay up all day (fyi these are ankle socks not tube socks so it should be that big of a deal?)
Received a lot of compliments, love this bag
These are excellent products. Highly recommend.
As you might have guessed by now, I think these socks are horrible. Paper thin, scratchy material that seems to separate as you put them on. My husband actually punched his toe through one as he put it on for the first time!
Light weight but well made. Will be good for running on cold days and wearing under ski helmet.
Mother in-law very pleased with her MK wallet Xmas present to match her MK purse. She likes the wrist strap and the fact that she can just grab this and run into the store without taking her huge purse. It arrived timely :)
Garbage. One wash is their life cycle, and this was Amazon's Choice...... Really WTF
Nice cotton quality but the drawstring material feels cheap and the sizing is runs big. I recommend getting a size smaller than you normally wear.
Fits as it should keep be better in group area though
Perfect size bag nice color soft. Perfect for my 5.2 frame. Roomy and soft...would definitely recommend if you are seeking a simple and elegant handbag
these socks are thin and cheap-don't buy them
Good product and good fit always love Adidas
I got the black stf fit good baggy n jus my type I will be ordering more
The chain was bulkier than I imagined & the heart was way larger to look in line with the chain, however, it STILL looks great!
Perfect purse for vacation or running errands. I was even able to fit a small bottle of water inside. Will purchase in another color for sure.
Never again will i buy a belt second hand. These belts are amazing, they really last and they are super easy. I've had them a while now.
Good quality... just wish they were made a size larger than extra large. They almost fit my husband glasses. He's a big and tall :)
Quick shipping. Just as described.
This belt is nice and flexible, with a crackly "old leather" look to it that is very nice. The finish on the belt is somewhat gummy, a byproduct of this being laminated I assume, and it makes putting the belt in your pants somewhat of an annoying process, as it tends to bind because it is so flexible and gummy.

Once in place, however, the belt works fine. I have just received this, so I'm not sure how it will wear over time, but I will update with that information.
waist was too tight, all the rest of the jean was perfect. More my problem than Wranglers. Got a refund.
Fits as expected. Soft and great quality. A nice comfy undershirt
Great wallet. Im liking it, particularly for the price
Very happy with this transaction, good quality product. Would recommend.
Fits well. Comfortable and durable. Good underwear.
I can't say the bag I got is new one when I opened the box. My daughter likes the design, so I decided replacement. Brand logo has many scratches and there is some dirt inside back. Even logo attached upside down.
Thought I was getting a standard cotton bad for not reaching the review more closely and shame on Amazon for recommending it with the V-neck cotton t-shirt I purchased.ère-Messenger-Multifonction